NAME: Bedstone College

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

COUNTY: Shropshire


School Overview

At Bedstone we are proud of the achievements of each and every one of our young people. They are
dynamic, enthusiastic and caring individuals who have a genuine affection for the College and its
fully inclusive ethos. We are a non-selective school and we cherish our tradition of educating
children from across the whole social spectrum.

Scholarships are now available in a wide range of specialisms, to include Academic, Sport, Music, Art,
Design Technology and ‘All Rounder’. The amount of the award varies depending on personal
performance but could be worth up to a maximum of 25% of published school fees.
In addition to these awards we have introduced a small number of ‘Four Counties Scholarships’.
These are focused on the same areas of specialism as other scholarships but, for children who
currently attend a maintained school and live within one of the four counties of Shropshire,
Powys, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the amount of the award could be worth up to a
maximum of 50% of published school fees.

In January 2016, the Governors agreed to open up scholarships for entry into the Junior School in
addition to those for entry into years 7, 9, 10 and 12. NB scholarships are available for Key Stage 2
entry – i.e. Years 3 to 6.

Our scholarships are designed to attract talented young people who might not otherwise consider
Bedstone as a realistic choice for their education but who would certainly benefit from what we
have to offer.

Scholarship selection typically takes place early in the Spring Term each year, with a second day early
in the Summer Term for later applications. Under exceptional circumstances we will consider
applicants at other times (at the Headmaster’s discretion). There is no predetermined number of
awards available; rather they are made according to the quality of candidates. All scholarships are
open equally to Boarding and Day students. Candidates already studying at Bedstone College can
apply however anyone already in independent education – including at Bedstone – is not eligible for
a Four Counties Scholarship.

The College is able to provide bursaries as well as scholarships for exceptional students where
finances may otherwise preclude attending Bedstone. Please indicate on your scholarship
application form if you are in need of a bursary-assisted place. Upon the results of the scholarship
selection process you may then be invited to complete a financial circumstances form.
Scholarships cannot be used to top up existing awards or bursaries.