Finder Fees

Website subscription (£29.99) - You get access to our database of over 300 players and get to contact any of those players direct. The players that are not active will be faded out, the players that are on the first pages of any search are the latest players onto the site.

Premium subscription (£150 per player) - We match players with the clubs and save you time searching and contacting players that may not want the package or location that you can offer. We therefore ensure that the player has an interest and match you up accordingly.

We are not 'Agents' and therefore don't negotiate terms between clubs and players, we just match up players and clubs and allow them to negotiate a mutually beneficial package for both parties.

It is up to the clubs to check references and videos to ensure that the players are of the correct standard and offer the form that their CV suggests. We would hope that players are as honest as the can be but that is not always the case, which is why checks are so vital!

If you have any questions please contact or