About Rugby Scholarships

The Rugby Scholarship page offers the chance for young rugby players to pursue their dream of playing and gaining an education at the same time! Here Rugby Scholarship information can be displayed and advertised, both 16-18 (College) and in further education (University). To enable players to access the necessary information to make informed decisions and contact the decision makers directly (you). This would be in the form of a profile on the website (www.therugbyagents.com) where information about the scholarship is displayed for potential players to read and contact the school/college/university directly. The cost of a profile is just £39.99 with no addition fees, regardless of how many pupils you recruit or contact about your establishment and the corresponding scholarship.

It also means that Colleges and Universities can contact players on the site about going to Rugby scholarship days or to consider a Rugby scholarship programme. The information about the scholarships will be advertised via social media on both Facebook and twitter where we have thousands of followers.

You simply fill in your profile with terms and conditions that meet your scholarships requirements and allow players/clubs to contact you, alternatively you can search for clubs/players from anywhere in the world and approach them direct. No finder’s fees or limitations on the number that you contact or recruit.

Please ensure that with your profile as a player you must have references; please ensure that your profile is as accurate as possible to ensure that clubs are getting the player that they see on paper. Video evidence is always a very effective way to illustrate your strengths!

Schools/Universities should also ensure that checks are done through references to ensure that the players are of the standard that you expect, remember you are responsible for the players that you recruit, therefore take time to look through playing CV’s and references to get the best player for you!

We can also offer you a premium subscription to the website this includes an active 12 month advertisement on the site and we actively go to our database to source you a number of CVs that we believe would be suitable for the position. The cost for this is £200 to be paid once the scholarship has been agreed. For more details please contact info@therugbyagents.com

The website provides you with a platform to contact each other, however we also send out fortnightly e-bulletins with player, Rugby Scholarship and school/university details. We also send schools and Universities the information about players and clubs on our social Media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

Good luck!

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