NAME: Mark ......


AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 180cm

WEIGHT: 98kg





United Kingdom


Personal Overview

I have played rugby from the age of 5 for salisbury rfc untill u16s this saw my selection for wiltshire and dorset county, i moved to fordingbridge rfc for and played my first senior rugby at the minimum age of 17 where i played no13 for the 2nd team.

Ive since moved to Dinton rfc and played at no10 securing promotion and also keeping the 5th spot in the league secured in the higher league. I was a large part in the recent sucsess of Dinton RFC. Then moving to play my 1st season under contract in New Zealand for the Eastern Northern Barbarians in the New Zealand premier division as of 26th feb 2019. Selected for Southland u19 training squad that year. Then i came home to england to play for Winchester RFC where i started every game at 10,12,13 and 15. after this season i had my 2nd Contracted season in New Zealand playing for Geraldine in South Canterbury Premier, where the season was cut short. Furthermore sparking a move home and enrolment in university where i have been representing Hartpury Development and Winchester RFC from 2020.

My main skills are good vision, game reading abilitys,work ethic and versitillaty. I feel as i am up to any physical challenges and will commit to any team 110%!



i study Strength and Conditioning currently for any prospective jobs however have a very strong agricultural background so i am more than able to face any jobs in any areas.

Previous Clubs

  • 2018 - Dinton RFC
  • 2017 - Fordingbridge RFC
  • 2020 - Wales u16 exiles
  • 1970 - Wiltshire and dorset county
  • 2020 - Eastern Northern Barbarians
  • 2020 - Geraldine RFC
  • 2020 - Winchester RFC
  • 2020 - Hartpury University