NAME: Benjamin ......


AGE: 33

HEIGHT: 180cm

WEIGHT: 95kg


SEEKING: Opportunity to play rugby in a professional club




Personal Overview

My name is Benjamin Roach. I am currently a USA rugby player seeking representation. I am looking for a team/agent to invest in me and to give me a chance to prove myself. I have worked extremely hard in my rugby career being placed on the USA Olympic Development Squad, a short stint with Academy coach Armand with La Rochelle (Top 14 D2), Munster Colleges, UL Bohs Academy, New York City 7s Touring Squad, and this past summer I was with the Exeter Chiefs Academy and Tauton Titans, but couldn’t stay the whole season due to visa issues regarding the RFU and cap eligibility and no work sponsor.

My ultimate dream is to reach the Olympics and the world cup in both 7s and 15s and to play professionally full time in Europe and not just get the glimpses of short term contracts to help maintain and steady my training and reach my full potential. The USA national coaches have me on their radar. I feel that with at least one full season in Europe will help me gain that experience, and show the USA coaches that they can take a risk and help me develop into a standout player. As a USA player full time jobs, or college is a must with a full training schedule, so hard work, determination, resilience and a fine attention to detail doesn't scare me and comes natural to me. 5am training's   2 hours away to train with the best strength coach in the area, also x-fiji 7s strength coach, work full time, and full time training's as well with the Olympic Development Academy.

Video Clips

USA Olympic Development Academy (number 9 blue)

Exeter Chiefs Academy Film: number 11
Taunton Titans 15:

Most Recent 1RPM Bench: 305

Most Recent 1RPM Box Squat: 425
Most Recent 1 RPM Snatch 135
Most Recent 1 RPM Front Squat 225
Most Recent 1 RPM Hang Clean  - 235
Most Recent 1 RPM Hex Bar DL 405
40 yd Dash 4.50
Yoyo Level 18.2

Previous Clubs

  • 0000 - USA Olympic Development Squad
  • 0000 - La Rochelle (Top 14 D2)
  • 0000 - Munster Colleges & Munster Academy
  • 0000 - New York City 7s Touring Squad
  • 2014 - Exeter Chiefs Academy and Tauton Titans

Coaching References

Alex Magleby -
Bruce Brooker - burce
Matt Sherman USA All American Coach -
Josh Macy -
Steve Lewis Olympic Development -
 John McGeachy Olympic

Video Footage