NAME: Will ......


AGE: 28

HEIGHT: 188cm

WEIGHT: 115kg


SEEKING: I am seeking new challenges and experiences at home or abroad. Looking to commit to a team for at least a season, where I can expand my knowledge of the game and learn differant ways of how to play rugby from new people and ideas.

AVAILABILITY: Available from January 2018



Personal Overview

I am a 21 year old dedicated rugby player, looking for a new club which offers a great learning experience to enable me to progress as a player, both on and off the field. I am fortunate to be able to play both propping positions as well as hooker, all to a high standard in the UK, including 4 international caps for England u20's counties and most recently Newcastle Falcons A team, this versatility is something that I regard as priceless in the modern game of rugby. I am a physical player who isn't satisfied unless everything has been left on the pitch, ensuring I have made a sufficient amount of gain-line positive carries and gain-line positive tackles. I started my rugby career at the age of 5 at my local club, here I played as a scrum half and fly half up to the age of 9, this has helped me to develop my handling skills which I believe is becoming increasingly important in the modern style of rugby, therefore being one of my strengths. As well as this, I regard my open play game to be one of my main strengths, being able to make important decisions under pressure and react to opposition moves. 

My studies at Newcastle University are now coming to an end, this now means I am looking to play rugby elsewhere, whether it be in the UK or abroad.

Please get in touch with any enquiries;

Previous Clubs

  • 2017 - Newcastle Falcons A team
  • 2017 - Newcastle University 1st XV
  • 2016 - England Counties u20
  • 2016 - North England u20
  • 2016 - Yorkshire u20
  • 2016 - Newcastle Uni 1st XV
  • 2015 - England Counties u20
  • 2015 - North England u20
  • 2015 - Yorkshire u20
  • 2014 - Leeds Carnegie u18
  • 2014 - Yorkshire u18
  • 2013 - Yorkshire u17
  • 2012 - Yorkshire u16

Coaching References

Matt Carter-Director of Rugby at Newcastle University

Will Scholey is an outstanding young man eager, keen and constantly willing to learn. Will trains hard in order to obviously become an even better player but just as importantly to help and support all his fellow teammates.   Newcastle University are very proud of every player that achieves County, Regional and International representation however in Wills case he has achieved this accolade two years running which is a remarkable achievement and a great tribute to his dedication and commitment to Newcastle University Yorkshire and England U20s rugby. Will has managed this whilst studying hard for his degree and working on his family farm in Yorkshire     Wills positive personality, work ethic, effort, desire and attitude was infectious and won him the clubs player of the year this season.  
Will is a very good hooker - his preferred position - with skill and technical ability both in the scrum, throwing in and in open play. In addition Will can cover all 3 front row positions so is an exceptional player to have available.     Will is also very good in open play both as a ball carrier, support player and is effective at the breakdown with the ability to off load in contact. If there was an area for Will to work on it would be to work a little on his footwork before contact just to unsettle the defender a little more   
Will is mobile which enables him to continuously get into excellent positons to receive and carry the ball and is always looking for work. His work rate is a major strength of his.  
Game Sense
Will is comfortable with ball in hand and works tremendously hard to make himself available to carry the ball time and again. His transition from set piece to open play is also very good accentuating and highlighting his excellent work rate and attitude to get and be constantly involved.  
Wills attitude is exceptional. He is very competitive and confrontational which enables him to carry very hard and make or get over the gain line on most occasions. Will is a very good trainer and is extremely consistent in his application to training.  
Skill set
Will has a good skill set. Very rarely does he spill the ball and is an extremely reliable and effective ball carrier. He is capable of bringing people into play with an array of deft passes as well. Wills throwing in is also consistently of a very high standard.  
Physical potential
Will is a robust player prepared to take people on. Obviously his physical development is important and I am sure that this can be further enhanced and added to with great success over the forthcoming months and years.  
Will would be a great addition to any club. His maturity, work ethic, and playing ability all enhancing his willingness to continuously improve. He is very committed and disciplined and knows how to balance and manage his time applying real vigour to what he does. Will would be excellent in managing his time to pursue both his rugby and whatever job / role he was asked to undertake alongside this.   Wills personality is such that you can get into excellent discussions with him and he expresses his opinions in a mature and appropriate manner. Will is a team player and would always endeavour to help anyone out in whatever capacity and way he could.   I hope the statement above conveys Wills strengths and personality and I would conclude by stating that I would be proud to recommend Will to any club / establishment that he chose to apply to.   If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at any time
  I enclose all my details below    
Matt Carter  
Matt Carter Director of Rugby Newcastle University
Mob: 07740 565 068

Scott Powell- Head Coach of Rugby at Newcastle University

I was Will Scholeys coach at Newcastle University 2016-2017 season.  

I cannot speak highly enough about Wills attitude towards the game, the improvement he has made this season is mainly because of his attitude throughout the season and he has improved hugely. Wills main attributes are around his set piece, he can play in any position in the front row and has played in all positions this season. His main and best position is hooker, he is very good at throwing in, he has a varied amount of throwing and his technique is very good staying correct under pressure also. Wills scrummaging is also extremely good, very physical, building the scrum around himself. He is extremely mobile for a hooker and physical, with it his main attribute around the park is his carrying ability and his ability to stay on his feet, using his leg drive in contact. He has good tackle technique and is strong in the contact area.

I would recommend Will to any team he chooses to play for, I believe he has the attitude to develop and go a lot further in his career, his attitude is one that any coach would want to work with.   Please feel free to contact myself for further details.

Scott Powell
England Rugby Community Rugby Coach

Matt Thompson-Forwards Coach at Newcastle University

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