NAME: Tyler ......

POSITION: Second Row

AGE: 19

HEIGHT: 200cm

WEIGHT: 124kg


SEEKING: UK, Southern Hemisphere club/ school opportunity




Personal Overview

I am an extremely hard working student athlete.  I participate in rugby, wrestling and american football, all 3 at a national and provincial level while holding down a part time job and maintaining a 75% average in school.  Between weight training and athletics I am training on average 2 times per day.  My ambition is to gain acceptance to a good rugby club or school in order to forward my aspirations of playing rugby at the highest level possible.  I come for a family of rugby players who have played both professionally and internationally for Canada.  In 2018 I attended the International High Performance Unit with the Canterbury Crusaders in Christchurch NZ and played for the Brighton Rugby Club Premier Colts U20 Side.  Also, in 2018 i played for Canada U20 at the World Trophy in Romania.  In that tournament I was a reserve for the first game against Portugal, and got starts for the final 3 games against Uruguay, Fiji and Romania.  My April 2019 fitness scores are 5:06 and 5:12 on the bronco and my max deadlift is 615lbs, max squat is 495lbs and max benchpress is 365lbs (18 reps at 245lbs).

Previous Clubs

  • 2013 - Edmonton Nor'westers
  • 2016 - Canada U-17
  • 2016 - Harry Ainlay Titans HS
  • 2017 - Rugby Canada U18
  • 2017 - Alberta Wolfpack U18
  • 2018 - Brighton Rugby Club U20 Premier Colts, Christchurch NZ
  • 2018 - Canterbury Crusaders International High Performance Unit, Christchurch NZ
  • 2018 - Rugby Canada U20
  • 2019 - Racing Club Narbonne Mediterranee

Coaching References

John Tait, Rugby Canada Womens 7s Head Coach
Graeme Moffat, Rugby Canada and Woldpack Rugby

Video Footage