NAME: Jason ......

POSITION: Back Row Forward

AGE: 23

HEIGHT: 186cm

WEIGHT: 102kg


SEEKING: Seeking position in a higher level club in Europe, UK or Southern Hemisphere. Preferably able to provide compensation and/or connections to local employment and housing.

AVAILABILITY: Available to travel by fall of this year.



Personal Overview

I am a 7/6/8 backrower from the Pacific West Coast in Canada. I have experience at the Canada U20 Rugby Union and Canada Rugby League Senior Men levels. I am seeking an opportunity overseas to play higher level rugby, enjoy a great club community and become a more dynamic player. 

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Previous Clubs

  • 2018 - BC bears senior men
  • 2017 - Canada Rugby League Senior men
  • 2015 - Canada U20
  • 2014 - Canada U20

Coaching References

Curry Hitchborn
e: [email protected]
p: 1(604)-765-0923

Andy Blackburn
e: [email protected]
p: 1(604)-418-1202

Video Footage