NAME: Daniel ......


AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 170cm

WEIGHT: 75kg


SEEKING: In the U.K or Europe to follow my dream

AVAILABILITY: Anytime soon



Personal Overview

I’m Dan, 24 years of age working full-time as a qualified tradesman in the painting and decorating industry. I have been playing rugby since I was 4 years old and deciding on going into excelled rugby when I turned 17. Since Then I have achieved a lot with rugby and am looking at pushing myself further to see where I can really take it. In my younger years I did get major injuries quite a lot but with the right Rehab was able to repair the injuries with no further problems and have benefited from partaking in Rehab when it comes to on field work. I have great team work ethic and have had no problem getting along with the team members on and off the field.  This year is about thriving to go professional and truly prioritise my rugby professional this means looking abroad for any opportunities I can get my hands on. 

Professional Aspirations and ObjectetivesI aspire to play Rugby at an honors level and have always thrived to achieve the very best of my potential when it comes to playing on the field and the work done off field trying to enhance myself and the way I play. I always overcome each challenge that is put in front of me and have learnt since a young age to not back down when the obstacles on the field get tough. I never give up and I will always keep working hard to where I want to get to with my rugby.

Previous Clubs

  • 2017 - Wanneroo Western Australia

Coaching References

Scott Wardom- Coach/mentor
+64 027 740 2001

Video Footage