NAME: Robbie ......


AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 173cm

WEIGHT: 91kg


SEEKING: Rugby opportunities to play abroad, with either a monthly retainer or a pay as you play contract and would also be grateful with assistance finding accommodation and job. Available highlights at minutes below (04:34- 05:21) (09:12- 09:23) (18:40- 19:15) (35:51- 36:01) (42:49- 43:04) (43:00- 46:44)




Personal Overview

For the past 4 years I have settled into playing on the wing for both Leeds Carnegie and Leeds Metropolitan University where my game has developed massively. My highest achievements to date is playing in the British and Irish Cup for Leeds Carnegie and trialing for England Students.

My primary skills lie in my speed and agility, especially in attack, where I am a clinical finisher. However, my game isn’t solely about staying on my wing. I continuously look for ball off my wing and look for the inside line in order to break the defensive line or offer a support line to anyone else who has.
In set piece moves, I am confident in my passing off either hand and I am confident to step into first receiver in open play if needed.

Defensively, I am confident under the high ball whether it is receiving a defensive box kick or an exit kick from the opposition half back and once I have caught the ball I am instantly looking to put the opposition under pressure by targeting holes in the defensive line or by linking up with my full back and winger. In the one on one tackle, I have a varied approach depending on what is in front of me, e.g. a back or a forward, and back myself to make the tackle.

Previous Clubs

  • 2014 - Chinnor RFC
  • 2013 - Leeds Carnegie
  • 2014 - Leeds Metropolitan University

Coaching References

Available on Request

Video Footage