NAME: santiago ......

POSITION: Scrum half

AGE: 34

HEIGHT: 181cm

WEIGHT: 87kg


SEEKING: Professional contract or semi professional I believe a good club would be an excellent opportunity for me to improve my skills and overcome new challenges. By joining good society, I hope to push myself forward as a player.

AVAILABILITY: I am available from June 2017



Personal Overview

I am an all-round player, who mainly plains in scrum half. As I am a very fast and responsive high performer, my athletism allows me to also play as fullback and wing.
I hold a European Passport and have been playing as a fullback for the last two seasons in Italy. We proved ourselves recently with an excellent last season.

Previous Clubs

  • 2008 - Duendes Rugby Club
  • 2009 - Pro Recco Rugby (it)
  • 0000 -
  • 2010 - Palermo Rugby (it)
  • 2011 - Duendes Rugby Club
  • 2012 - Duendes Rugby Club (arg)
  • 2013 - Pro Recco Rugby (it)
  • 2014 - Pro Recco Rugby (it)
  • 2015 - Pro Recco Rugby (it)
  • 2016 - Amatori Rugby Messina
  • 2016 - Rah Rah Roosters (Amsterdam 7s)
  • 2017 - Piacenza Rugby Club

Coaching References

Kelly Rolleston - Director of Rugby “Piacenza Rugby Club” (Italia) [email protected]
Cel. +39 392 8440293

Lisandro Villagra - Coach “Pro Recco Rugby” (Italia)
[email protected]
Cel. +39 339 6432666

José García - Coach 3/4 en “Bathco Independiente Rugby Club Santander” (España) [email protected]
Cel. +34 611 453106

Raúl Pérez - Ex Coach “Duendes Rugby Club” (Arg.) / Coach “Jaguares” (Arg.) 

Video Footage