NAME: Armandt ......


AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 186cm

WEIGHT: 95kg


SEEKING: European club for the 2016/17 season

AVAILABILITY: Immediately available



Personal Overview


I enjoy a constant challenge by successfully completing tasks
and following processes with an enthusiastic approach. I love
everything about Rugby and I am determined to further
develop my skills, knowledge and experience.

Personal Stats

ï‚· Age: 23
ï‚· Height 186cm/ 6"1
ï‚· Weight 95kg/ 211lb
ï‚· ID number: 9308235150081
ï‚· Primary Position: Fly Half
ï‚· Secondary Position: Inside Centre
ï‚· Tertiary Position: Fullback

Athletic Achievements

ï‚· Harlequins: U19 League Champions
ï‚· Harlequins : U20 League Champions
ï‚· Varsity College: U20 League Champions
ï‚· Varsity College: Top Points Scorer
ï‚· Varsity College: Backline Player of the year
ï‚· Glendale Raptors: PRP League Winners 2015/2016
ï‚· Glendale Raptors: PRP Team of the year 2015/2016
ï‚· Glendale Raptors: Mid Season Team of the year 2015
ï‚· Glendale Raptors: Backline player of the year 2015
ï‚· Glendale Raptors: PRP Top Points Scorer 2016
ï‚· Glendale Raptors: PRP MVP 2016
ï‚· Received a Denver PRO contract, declined due to
visa issues

Previous Clubs

  • 2015 - Glendale Raptors
  • 2016 - Glendale Raptors
  • 2014 - Varsity College

Coaching References

To whom it may concern,

I have known Armandt Peens for the last 2 years as the head coach of Glendale Rugby Football Club. From this experience, I can say with confidence that Armandt is a dedicated student of the game and a great athlete. He leads by example and will be an asset to any future team.

Armandt Peens brings another level of play to the Raptors. He wasn't voted MVP of the 2016 Pacific Rugby Premiership for nothing. Armandt is dependable in his defense but his rugby brain and ability to read the game has served the Raptors well this season. He has excited fans with his "show and go" tactics but has used the same tactic to outsmart the opponent which made for some entertaining rugby and opened up opportunities for his teammates to score.

This was the second season Armandt has played for the Raptors after leaving South Africa last year to ply his trade in the USA. While Armandt's boot is the pivotal part of his position, his rugby talent has made him a solid playmaker in the team and I am confident in saying that Armandt has proved his worth on the pitch this season both with his kicking and consistency in both playmaking and defending.

Armandt is a quiet guy with wisdom beyond his years and a mind set on rugby, he doesn’t speak much but when he does, his teammates are eager to listen and heed his advice. He is an all round great player who carries himself excellently both on and off the field, with the utmost respect for his fellow players and coaches in the club. He is a humble guy who is loved and respected by all his teammates and friends who have nothing but praise and respect for him. I am proud to have coached him and watch him grow in the last two seasons and look forward to seeing him do great things with his skill in the future.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Andre Snyman
+1 720 376 8474

To Whom It May Concern,

I am honoured to write to you on the behalf of Armandt Peens. I have had the pleasure of playing alongside Armandt over the past two years at Glendale RFC in the Pacific Rugby Premiership.

If I were to sum up Armandt's skills as a player and who he is as a person it would simply be class. Armandt possesses an elite understanding of the game and executes at that same level with great confidence and composure. He has a unique and versatile skill set that allows him to cover many positions on the field. Additionally, he balances a strong catch/pass skill set with a tactical and powerful kick. Many games over the past two years have been won on the shoulders of Armandt with his poise and flawless execution.

It is rare to come across a younger player with so much maturity and confidence and it is no surprise to see the success he has found in his career so far. What has impressed me the most, however, is not what he does on the field but how he caries himself off of the field. Armandt is an upstanding person and treats everyone with care and respect. He is a great ambassador of the Glendale RFC and of the sport of rugby as a whole.

I am proud and honored to have played beside Armandt and I only have the best things to say about him. He has a bright future ahead of him and any club would be lucky to have him.

If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to follow up.

Kind Regards,

Zach Fenoglio
USA Rugby Player
Glendale RFC Captain

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