NAME: Jerry ......


AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 1.69mcm

WEIGHT: 74kgkg


SEEKING: To play professional/ semi professional Rugby and to be the best 9 in the club and country to show people my talent over the whole world and to always be the best at the position I play



South Africa


Personal Overview

My name is Jerry Phaseka Mashaba I have been playing rugby since i was in grade 4 my achievements in rugby was the following 

1) u/12 _ u/13 Rugby and cricket Captain 

2) u14 till u/18 Rugby and cricket Captain 

3) u/14 A team  forward player of the year at school 

4) u/15 A team sevens player of the year at school

 5) u/16  A team backline player of the year at school  

    And sportsman  of the year best batsman and bowler at cricket tournament 

6) u/17 Titans cricket . 

7 u/18 blue bulls .1st Team Best backline player of the year at school

Future bulls tournament at Carlafonia  

8) u/19 no sport due the covid 

9) u/20 A team Tut senior team squad 

Carlton cup for Tuine rugby club 

Positions: 9 /10

10) u/20 Rugby travel academy 

11 ) u/20 Carlton Cup Champions


Previous Clubs

  • 2021 - Tuine rugby club
  • 2021 - TUT
  • 2021 - Blue bulls o/18
  • 2019 - HTS John Vorster 1st team
  • 2017 - Oryx rugby Club

Coaching References

George Letsuma:0605823319

                                                             Dino slabbert:+27664867181