NAME: Agustín ......


AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 172cm

WEIGHT: 80kg


SEEKING: seek to develop myself in the game, grow and reach the maximum that my potential allows, both in the fifteen and seven modalities, through the possibility of playing in a club at a semi-professional or professional level





Personal Overview


Ø  2005 (4 years old): I started playing Rugby at the Paraná Rowing Club (PRC) in Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina, the club where I currently play.

Ø  October 2015 (14 years old): I was a player and captain of the Seven team for the Evita Games. In this championship we won the local and provincial finals games, representing the province in the national stage of the championship.

Ø  I was appointed captain of the team from 2014 to 2018 inclusive (M13, M14, M15, M16, M17), in 2019 the M19 category was formed with the 2000 and 2001 divisions being the captain a player from the 2000 category.

Ø  November 2016 (15 years old): I was summoned to be part of the Trial for the YOGBA games (Olympic Games 2018), for the Regional meeting made at Duendes club.

Ø  From 2016 to 2018 (15 to 17 years old) I was part of the group of players called to train at the CEDAR, High Performance Center, which depends on the Argentine Rugby Union (UAR).

Ø  October 2017 (16 years old): I participated in the Quadrangular as part of the M16 team of the UER (Entre Ríos Rugby Union).

Ø  2018 (17 years old): I was summoned to the UER team to participate in the M18 Argentine Youth Championship in the promotion zone, playing in the wing position (# 14). In this championship we reached to the second place.

Ø  2019 (18 years old): I was called up to be part of the UER team again for the Argentine Youth M18 Championship, playing in the Center position (# 12 and # 13).

Ø  2019 (18 years old): I participated with the M19 PRC team (Paraná Rowing Club team) of the South America Rugby (SAR) concentration in Rosario where I participated in the training sessions given by Eddie Jones (coach of the England team), and coaches from UAR such as Daniel Hourcade.

Ø  2020 (19 years old): I participated in the trainings given by Peter Breen (from Rugby Bricks, New Zealand skills coach, and from players like Aaron Smith, Barret, Ben Smith, Quade Cooper, among others) in the Passing and Kicking courses organized by Rugby Exchange with webinar mode (online training + workbooks).

Ø  2021 (20 years): I currently play in the first team of the Paraná Rowing club (PRC). I have participated as a starter in the last two matches, one as wing (# 11) where I scored two tries and another as center (# 12). I was called up to the third game playing again as wing # 11 which was suspended at the time for climatic reasons. Then the championship was suspended by Covid 19 so far.


My statistics of the first match in the first team where I played in the wing position is the following:


Tilcara vs PRC


Wing #11

Meters runned with the ball






Beaten players


Hand off


Participation 2 or more times in the same phase




Tackle and recovery


support (+/- 5meters)


Participation in rucks


Minutes played



Link of the Video of the game:


Previous Clubs

  • 2005 - Paraná Rowing Club

Coaching References

Daniel Carbonell- phone number +54 0343 154474980

Cristian Ulian -, phone number +54 0343 154656936

v      Joaquin Barrandegui: +54 0343 156115294


Video Footage