NAME: Mark ......

POSITION: Back Row Forward

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 189cm

WEIGHT: 105kg


SEEKING: Nat 1, 2 and 3 clubs, oversea's opportunities, rugby programmes



United Kingdom


Personal Overview

I am 20 years old, Ive been playing rugby for 7 years prodominantly playing openside flanker but also sliding into the 7,8  and trails at 13,14 during my career. I grew up around a best freinds Fijian Fmaily who taught me to play rugby, therefore resulting in the south pacific playstyle i have grown into. I am a mobile hardhitting 7 due to me being smaller growing up I had to learn how to use speed agility and skill to beat defenders which has carried across to my game now even though I have grown into my frame. I played for london irish ametures from age 13-17, I came in playing for the B team but i worked myself up to the A team . The coaches intended for me to join the academy programme however I pursued my studies instead. I Played at college for Strodes college under louise meadows who is a former england 7s coach .She really helped me improve my game further and belived i could play at a proffesional level. she put me foward to a scholarship programme that old elthaimians had at my university where i was able to showcase my skills , alongside this programme i had joined the eailing trailfinders senior academy that same summer before my first year of uni. Unfortunatly that summer a family tradgedy happened which resulted in me being kicked from both programmes for attendance . I have since only had a chance to play rugby twice in my second year of play , I had hoped to play my first season back this year but covid did not let me follow this plan through. I believe i have the abiloty to play rugby at a high level, although I have not been able to play rubgy I have kept myself in good shape. I am open and greatful for all oppertunities.

Previous Clubs

  • 2013 - london irish ameture
  • 2018 - ealing academy

Coaching References

collage coach- lousie meadows former england 7s coach