NAME: Elliot ......


AGE: 19

HEIGHT: 188cm

WEIGHT: 95kg


SEEKING: National one or two, or abroad



United Kingdom


Personal Overview

I am a seeking an opportunity to play in the National One/Two league with the potential to climb the ladder. I can comfortably play 10, 12 or 13 but my main position is inside centre. 

I am currently playing for the Birkenhead 1st XV in Liverpool but I have previously represented Sandal RUFC 2nds with progression into the 1sts. I have also been lucky enough to play for Yorkshire RFU u18s and the Ireland Exlies u18s aswell and I am hoping to represent the Cheshire 20s in the next year. 

This year will be my first year of 1st team rugby and I am wanting to gain exposure to the National Leagues and potentially higher to broaden my abilites and increase my experience. I attended school and sixth form at Woodkirk Academy and I am currently attending Liverpool Media Academy (Accredited to Staffordshire University) where I am reading Musical Theatre. 

I also have a vast experience with Rugby League playing for almost 14 years from the age of 3. 

I would be more than open to the opportunity of playing abroad.

Representative rugby:

- Yorkshire u18s

- Ireland Exiles u18s 

I would say my main strengths are: Decision making, ball carrying, tackling, goal kicking/ in-game kicking and I have strong leadership abilities where I am capable of leading a team around the field successfully. 

Contact details:

Email -

Mobile - (+44) 07828 486837

Previous Clubs

  • 2017 - Sandal RUFC
  • 2020 - Birkenhead RUFC

Coaching References

David Blyth (Birkenhead 1st XV Head Coach) 

Email -

Mobile - 07710 583348


Keiran Allen (Sandal RUFC Senior Colts Head Coach)

Email -

Mobile - 07971 830466


Simon Mason (Birkenhead 1st XV Coach)

Mobile - 07976 709284


Richard Bedford (Sandal 1st XV Manager)

Mobile - 07415 878826