NAME: Graham ......

POSITION: Back Row Forward

AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 175cm

WEIGHT: 81kg


SEEKING: Seeking to play rugby abroad and gain a better experience of a higher level of rugby or an amateur level. Extremely determined rugby player and will play to win every game.





Personal Overview

I have been playing rugby for 13 years now and have never looked at another sport since. I have always been an extremely determined rugby player and will play with my heart for any team I play for and have played for. I have great skill in many other positions on the pitch and have always had the right attitude to win the game. 
I have played in Armagh royal in which we achieved getting to the Ulster schools cup final in 2018. This was a huge achievement for myself and for the team.

I also won the nutty crust cup for Armagh rugby club at u18 level.

I have played for university and since I arrived we have won the league and been promoted. In my first year of rugby in my university, I won player of the year. In my second year, I won forward of the year. This was a huge achievement as I was up against a large amount of extremely good rugby players. In my fourth year, I won an award for contributions to rugby for the university.

After finishing university, I joined my local team at Monaghan rugby club. We won the league and the league cup this year for the first time in 20 years. I also won player of the year again this year. This shows I am consistent in the way I play and I put my body on the line for my team.

I am extremely passionate about rugby and always have been and would like to gain a better opportunity to play abroad and experience a different rugby environment.


Previous Clubs

  • 2007 - Monaghan rfc
  • 2011 - Armagh royal
  • 2018 - Armagh RFC
  • 2018 - Queen Margaret university
  • 2018 - Lismore RFC
  • 2021 - Monaghan

Coaching References

Chris Parker - coach 

phone - +447732432999

Kenny Hooks - coach 

phone - +44 2837522807

 Gerard Treanor - recent coach

Phone - +353 85 167 5298