NAME: Thaine ......


AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 170cm

WEIGHT: 90kg


SEEKING: National 1 or 2 club or an opportunity abroad



United Kingdom


Personal Overview

I am a young 20 year old Hooker who is also very capable at playing Backrow. I am looking to progress to a higher standard of rugby, I am very dedicated player and willing to relocate to any oppourtunity given to me. I currently play In WRU Three East Central A, however I am looking for a new oppourtunity to play elsewhere. As I am still young I am open to any opportunity presented to me. I have many attributes to my game the main one being my work rate on and off the pitch. I am highly motivated for every game I play and I am given the role of pack leader. I have strong communications skills and never shy away from a new challenge. Often I take over captaincy from the captain and take the reins and take charge  of the team. I am very confident in my ability to perform well on the feild. I am well disciplined and have excellent game awareness. I am a very skillful forward who can pass accurately off both hands, I also have accurate line out throws.I have a good side step on me and can also kick when necessary. I am an agressive player who always leads from the front and takes control. I am a Turnover Specialists meaning I am first to the breakdown and have a high turnover count each game. Attacking and defending are both are my strong points I continually show why I am a quality player with a high tackling ratio per game and most meters made for a forward with ball in hand. 

If any more information is needed please get in contact:



Previous Clubs

  • 2010 - Dinas Powys
  • 2017 - Penarth RFC Youth Squad
  • 2019 - Penarth RFC Senior Squad

Video Footage