NAME: jordan ......

POSITION: Scrum half

AGE: 22

HEIGHT: 171cm

WEIGHT: 73.3kg






Personal Overview

I am a 20 year old rugby player where i am looking at boarding my horizons with in the rugby world, i am a scrum half, fly half and back three.

 I have played at Bideford rugby club in north Devon since I started at a young stage where I have continued playing three season’s of senior rugby. I have also gone onto coaching a junior team helping with skill based drills. This has helped me become a level 1 referee which has put me on to the young rugby ambassador programme.

I also played college rugby at Exeter College which is associated with Exeter chiefs I have been associated with them for 2 years working closely with coaches on my skills and game understanding. This is a very serious atmosphere, where we are always looking to improve. Whilst being here I have worked hard being a fit, hard working player that will play for the team and put my body on the line.

I play rugby for Tarka storm who are the only rugby league in North Devon I have completed two seasons already and now rolling into our third season as a team will be part of the captaincy team and are hoping to get to the grand final for the second year.

thank you very much,

Jordan Lloyd

Previous Clubs

  • 2010 - Bideford junior level
  • 2016 - Bideford senior
  • 2016 - Exeter chiefs academy
  • 2017 - Tarka storm rl