NAME: Hendrik ......

POSITION: Second Row

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 200cm

WEIGHT: 104kg


SEEKING: Overseas Rugby opportunity



South Africa


Personal Overview


Awards and Achievements:


In 2018 I played professional rugby for the lions under 19’s and and that was my job for the year.


Working History:       2018-01-01 to 2018-12-31


Company: Lions Rugby Company


Position Held: Player


Duties: My duties was to play rugby and training very hard, to be disciplined and hard working  ,to be willing to put in the extra work.


Career Goals:


Short Term Goals: My short term goals is to be qualified in the respected field that I choose to go in and to make a success out of it so that I can learn more and set out to become more.


Long Term Goal: My long term goal is to be a successful and well established in my field and to learn more each day. What I have learned so far is you can never know enough. So I set out to keep on learning and to improve and work harder than I have the day before so I can be more satisfied with my work but never completely , because then the faults start to creep in and I am determined to work harder every day I get an opportunity to do so ,so that my work and accomplishments can speak for its self and I can be someone that inspires others to do what I am doing.



Previous Clubs

  • 2018 - Golden Lions Rugby Union - U21

Coaching References


Golden Lions Rugby Company


Wessel Roux


082 719 9645