NAME: Keanu ......


AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 173cm

WEIGHT: 75kg


SEEKING: Full time contract - Utility back



South Africa


Personal Overview

South Africa 2004, 5 years old, barefoot and wearing a rugby jersey that reached the ground, I ran onto the rugby field not knowing where this first time experience will take me. As the game progressed everything came natural to me, reading the other players, having excellent ball skills at this young age and scoring tries as if I was playing alone.

This wasn’t enough! I wanted run, jump and partake in everything sports had to offer. Still this wasn’t enough. I watch my sisters practicing hockey and yes “let me try this as well” I thought. After school I begged them to teach me the skills and soon ended up in a provincial hockey team. Schools and Rugby Clubs were after me asking to play and represent them on provincial level. I‘ve excelled in everything I took on receiving numerous awards such as athlete, hockey and rugby player of the year. I represented my school and province on national level and was even invited to play rugby in England in 2015.

In South Africa my school subjects were English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Computer Literacy and Physical Education with the latter being my best and most enjoyable subject.

I just finished studying at Plymouth College (BTEC level 3 Subsidiary Diploma) and is actively involved with sports and outdoor activities. Representing them and being part of an Exeter Chiefs playing group, I am constantly surrounded by great sportsmen (and woman) whom are achievers in their own field.

As the years progressed I realized that although talent, hard work, training and discipline is important, other aspects of sports are too. There are things like nutrition, mental applications, correct ways of warming up to prevent injuries and the mechanics of the human body to name a few.

This is great, I love being involved and participate in sports and really want to take this way of life further. Training my body and mind is important but I need to do more. I want to train, assist and help my fellow sportsmen (and woman) by studying correct dietary plans, developing training programs and constantly evaluating/assessing them to be the best they can be. Studying Sports Science will definitely help me achieve my goals.

Time takes its toll on the body but the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired through education lasts forever.

Previous Clubs

  • 2011 - Harlequins
  • 2015 - UJ Rugby Club
  • 2016 - Exeter Chiefs U18 academy squad
  • 2019 - Berlin Grizzlies

Coaching References

Wynand Moolman
Menlopark Rugby Director

Attie Flemix
UJ Rugby Club Head Coach

Richard Edwards
Plymouth College Rugby Director

Simon Copeland
Queen's College Rugby Director

Jonathan Shepherd
Queen's College Backs Coach

Hans Coetzee
Monument High Rugby Director

Video Footage