NAME: Wayden ......


AGE: 28

HEIGHT: 178cm

WEIGHT: 85kg


SEEKING: Rugby opportunities overseas




Personal Overview

Wayden is an exciting talent. He has been playing competitive rugby from the age of 6, moulding a lot of his playing style on his  speed, agility, footwork and great skill set. He has a great kicking ability, can kick with both feet and for points at any angle. Waydens strength is his ability to read the game well, set up defensive systems through communication, break defensive lines using great footwork, carry the ball over the advantage line, lead in the backline. Has good leader abilities. Wayden has good vision for the game and reads the game well, makes good decisions on the field at 13. Wayden’s position is 13, can also play 15,14,11.. Wayden embarks on his lifelong dream of playing professional rugby.

• Body Fat Percentage: 11.1%
• Bench Press: 130kg
• Squat: 160kgs
• Pull-Ups: 26
• Sprint 10m: .1.90
• Sprint 40m: 4.89
• Sprint 50m: 5.80sec
• Broad Jump: 1.77m
• Vertical Jump: 260m
• Push Ups in 1min: 80

Previous Clubs

  • 2013 - Hamiltons Rfc U20
  • 2014 - UCT 1xv Squad
  • 2015 - False Bay 7s
  • 2017 - False Bay 2nd Team

Coaching References

Name: Pieter Benade (Former Currie cup player) Reference: False Bay Rugby Club  Number: 0763319313 Email:  

Name: Clinton Van Rensburg (Former Super 14, western province player) Reference: University of Cape Town Number: 0845070286 Email:  

Name: Divvie Maritz Reference: Hamiltons RFC U20 Number: 0833608602

Video Footage