NAME: Phillip ......


AGE: 32

HEIGHT: 180cm

WEIGHT: 84kg


SEEKING: A club that is able to help with finding work and possible deal with accommodation

AVAILABILITY: Available from July/August



Personal Overview

A fast, elusive Full back with a strong kicking game. Other positions played are fly half and wing. Have a solid style of play which will suit all teams. Good communicator and great support player. Am good at beating first defender and drawing other defenders and putting supporting players into space. Have 3 years playing premier club rugby in New Zealand in a strong Rugby Provence. Also have played age group representative rugby here in New Zealand for a few years. Am unable to upload pictures or videos on to the sight. If you get in contact with me I can send a link direct. If you need any information regarding sprint times or gym lifts just contact me via emails at

Previous Clubs

  • 2014 - Linton Army rugby club
  • 2014 - NZ Army Rugby team
  • 2013 - Linton Army Rugby club
  • 2013 - NZ Army Rugby team
  • 2012 - Linton Army Rugby Club
  • 2012 - NZ Army Rugby team
  • 2011 - Linton army rugby club
  • 2010 - Thames valley age group representative
  • 2009 - Thames valley age group representative

Coaching References

Lance Ball +64 27 317 3780 Dwayne Erickson +64 21 542 293