NAME: alex ......

POSITION: Scrum half

AGE: 22

HEIGHT: 178cm

WEIGHT: 75kg


SEEKING: semi professional rugby, accommodation, aid with work in Australia.




Personal Overview

Bishops Stortford-  National League One -  Scrum half.


Age 21. 29/01/97

Throughout my full playing career, I have played scrum half. My strengths are my pass and kick accuracy, speed and conditioning. My favoured type of game is high tempo, with the opportunities to make lots of line breaks. In the last 3 years whilst attending Nottingham University, I represented the university 1XV as much as I could, while also being signed semi professionally for Bishops Stortford 1XV. I have been involved in our promotion to National League one, and have enjoyed our first 2 season so far (currently in our second Nat One season).

Since Graduating in June I have been playing for Bishops Stortford 1XV only. I am looking to play similar level to that of National League One abroad, I have found it challenging and enjoyable.

Playing Timeline:

2015 - Present - Bishops Stortford 1XV (National League 1) (Semi-Pro)
2018 - Selected to attend England Student training camp.
2018 - Selected into England Counties (Injury meant that was non travelling reserve) 2018 - London South East England U18.
2015- 18 - Nottingham University 1XV (bucs 1/2)
2016 - Hertfordshire Mens 1XV Debut Cornwall.
2014-2015 - Whitgift School 1XV (Captain/VC) (National Cup Quarter Finals)
2015 - Premiership National Rugby Champions. (Saracens)
2015: - LV Cup winners - Bishops Stortford (captain)
2014: - U18 National Colts Champions - Bishops Stortford.
2013: - London South East England U16
2010- 2015: - Saracens EPDG academy (captain 2014)
2010 - Present: - Hertfordshire youth to Mens 1xv. (Captain 2014-6)
2003 - Present: - Bishops Stortford Rugby Club.

I have footage to send over to you, however it is from last season. This season I received an injury that has put me out since the first game, however should be back in 2 weeks. So can send you ore updated footage when back playing again.

In Australia, I would ideally be looking for help with travel, accommodation and employment.

I can provide references on request.

Alex Patton



Video Footage:

Previous Clubs

  • 2013 - Saracens Academy
  • 2015 - University of nottingham 1XV
  • 2015 - Bishops Stortford 1XV

Coaching References

Andy Long - Bishops Stortford Head Coach 

Paul walsh - University of nottingham Head coach. 

Paul Westgate - University of Nottignham Head Coach.  - Video Footage.