The Rugby Agents
Zechary --------- - Wing
DOB 28 Years Old
Height 172CM
Weight 78KG
Country Canada

Currently living in Australia. Looking to play competitive rugby (preferably 7s) overseas anytime from September 2018. Mainly looking into Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Excited to build on current skills and learn from coaches and players internationally.

September 2018

Passport Type
Not Specified

Personal Overview
Played rugby for RSEQ Champions McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Also played for the Markham Irish Canadian Rugby Club for the last 2 years. Have played wing, full back and outside center, but prefer wing. 

Great speed and ball-handling on the wing. Powerful runner and spatial awareness.

Played in Las Vegas Sevens Invitational with Rogues Rugby 7s from Ontario, Canada.

Also former American football player at McGill University for 3 years, played wide receiver. 

** Highlights are only from a few games this season that were filmed from the first half of the season. Did not play 2nd half of the season due to ankle injury** Now fully recovered
Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2017 Markham Irish Canadian Rugby Club
2017 Rogues Rugby 7s
2012 McGill University
Certificate in Predictive Statistics and Data Analysis - Ryerson University. 
Completed 2017

Bachelor's Degree (Economics Major) - McGill University.
Graduated 2013

St. Andrew's College High School
Graduated 2008
Markham Irish Head Coach - Fabian Rayne
Email: [email protected]
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