The Rugby Agents
Lecander --------- - Full Back
DOB 22 Years Old
Height 1CM
Weight 85KG
Country South Africa

Playing and coaching opportunity overseas. No specific country. To expand my career. Good skills with the ball. Touch and goal kicking. Good Contra attack and defender. Good analyst of the game.


Passport Type
Non-EU Passport

Personal Overview
I am a hard worker and my passion is rugby. I would like to play overseas and gain experience. I will submit my complete CV to you if interested. Is a utility back line player.

beep 13.5  10m 1.73 40m 4.80 1500 5.25
Bench 130kg
Squat 180kg
North West Rugby Institute
 Played U20 Young Guns 2015                                                 Played U21 Currie Cup 2015 Leopards Union                                                 Played NWU Pukke 2015 – 2016
Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2017 Primrose Rugby
2016 NWU Pukke
2015 NWU Pukke
Grade 12
Current Institution                            Unisa  
Field of Study                                    Sport Management                                                             Sport Psychology   Prevouise                                             North West University Field of Study                                    Diploma Sport Science (Jan 2015 – June 2016)                                                             Not completed                                               Subjects                                             INTRO TO ACADEMIC LITERACY  MOTOR LEARNING  GENERIC SPORT COACHING SCIENCE  SUPPLEMENTATION AND ERGOGENIC  BASIC ANATOMY AND ENERGY SYSTEMS  GAMES SKILLS DEVELOPMENT IN RUGBY SOCIAL AND COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY Swimming Golf
Fiekie Vallie  +27 78 431 6689
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