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Charles --------- - Scrum half
DOB 27 Years Old
Height 177CM
Weight 87KG
Country Italy

Opportunity to continue my professional playing career. Could also be a Player/ Coach as I am experience in professional coaching and accredited IRB 1 and 2.

with few weeks notification, Immediately

Passport Type
Non-EU Passport

Personal Overview
Charles Van Staden is a very skilful, young and talented, utility backline player.
His passion and enthusiasm for the game is unsurpassed and his work ethic is phenomenal.
He will always work harder and longer.
He strives to perform!

Charles Van Staden
Playing the Scrum Half position, Charlie is a danger with ball in hand. He can step off both feet very well. He has the ability to distribute the ball with accuracy to both sides of the field and importantly, at full speed . He likes to control the game and speed. He is a natural ball player and can also be used at any backline position. He played provincial in every backline position. He is a first choice goal kicker in the starting line - up and kicks equally well out of hand with both feet.
Charlie applied his skills as a young player in 7’s rugby and as a result he is excellent at exploiting space on the front foot and applies in practice the importance of making first time one - on - one tackles.
Charlie's communication skills are outstanding and he is a organizer in all aspects of the game. He communicates with the team on attack and defense. The team always comes first for Charles and he is a principled driven player on and off the field with impeccable behavior and old world values he abides by. 
Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2018 Rangers rugby Vicenza
2017 Lyons Piacenza top 10
2016 Lyons Piacenza top 10
2015 Seoul survivors
2014 Seoul survivors
2013 Daegu Dragons
2012 Leopards
2011 Blou Bulls
2010 Blou Bulls
- Matric
- Diploma in Sport science
- IRB level 1
- IRB level 2
- Diploma in Sport Science
- IRB level 1
- IRB level 2
Head Coach Lyons Piacenza
Person - Achille Bertoncini
Email on Request
Contact Number - +39 328 613 9446   

Player coach Vicenza Rangers
Person- Mirco Bergamasco Italia 89 caps
Email on request
Contact Number - +39 347 868 3711

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