The Rugby Agents
Kwame --------- - Centre
DOB 27 Years Old
Height 177CM
Weight 83KG
Country United States

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Passport Type
Not Specified

Personal Overview
I started playing rugby my Sophomore year of college at the age of 19. Rugby has become my passion, even with years of growing up playing American football. I would describe my game as "fast", but also "powerful". I am never content with where I am physically, and am always striving to get better. I have worked hard to improve my knowledge and skills, and feel that I have become one of the better players in my region. Seeing as the U.S. has limited opportunities for growth at the moment, I am seeking an opportunity to showcase my skills on a different stage.

Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2015 Birmingham Rugby Club
2015 Atlanta Rhinos
2014 Birmingham Rugby Club
2014 UAB Rugby Club
2013 UAB Rugby Club
2012 UAB Rugby Club
2011 UAB Rugby Club
Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology -  (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Available upon request
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