The Rugby Agents
Santiago --------- - Scrum half
DOB 33 Years Old
Height 180CM
Weight 86KG
Country Italy

Flights, accommodation, match fee.

Since 1 July 2017

Passport Type
EU Passport

Personal Overview
I'm Argentinian with EU Passport.
I'm currently playing professionally in Italy.
My natural positions are scrum-half and fullback. I'm an all-round player, who mainly plains in scrum half. As I'm a very fast and responsive high performer, my athletism allows me to also play as fullback.
Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2017 Piacenza Rugby Club
2016 Amatori Rugby Mesina
2015 Pro Recco Rugby
2015 Pro Recco Rugby
2015 Amatori Rugby Mesina
2014 Pro Recco Rugby
2013 Duendes Rugby Club
2012 Duendes Rugby Club
2011 Duendes Rugby Club
2010 Rugby Palermo
2009 Pro Recco Rugby
2008 Duendes Rugby Club
2007 Duendes Rugby Club
2006 Duendes Rugby Club
2005 Duendes Rugby Club
2004 Duendes Rugby Club
Tertiary Level: Medical Propaganda Agent.
Foundation "H. A. Barcelo" Faculty of Medicine of Buenos Aires.

Tertiary level: 4 years of Physical and Sports Education.
Higher Institute of Physical Education Teachers No. 11 "Mariano Grandoli".
Rosario Rugby Union
2009 - Rosario Province Union Team URR
2008 - Rosario Province Union Team URR – Argentinian Unions Championship, 3° | Cross Border Championship IRB (vs Uruguay & Entre Rios)
2007 - Rosario Province Union Team URR
2006 - Rosario Province Union Development Team URR
Andres Bordoy - Scrum Manager "Section Paloise" PAU (France)

Kelly Rolleston - Director of Rugby "Piacenza Rugby Club" (Italie)
Cell +39 392 8440293

Lisandro Villagra - Coach "Pro Recco Rugby" (Italie)
Cell +39 339 6432666

José García - Coach 3/4 "Bathco Independiente Rugby Club Santander" (Spain)
Cell +34 611 453106

Raúl Pérez - Previous Coach "Duendes Rugby Club" (Argentina) / Currently Coach "Jaguares" (Argentina)
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