The Rugby Agents
Michael --------- - Second Row
DOB 26 Years Old
Height 200CM
Weight 125KG
Country United Kingdom

Higher level of rugby


Passport Type
EU Passport

Personal Overview
1 Rep Max’s:
Back squat: 205kg
Deadlift: 240kg
Bench: 130kg
Clean and Press: 100kg
Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2017 Marist St Pats Rugby Football Club – Premier/Premier Reserve
2017 Ipswich Rugby Union Football Club First XV – Present
2014 Griffith University College Knights (Gold Coast, Australia)
2012 Suffolk U20s/Eastern Counties U20s – 2011/12
Clive Bell – Former  Ipswich Rugby Union Football Club Head Coach [email protected] / +447795064603

Andrew Robinson – Marist St Pats Premier Coach [email protected] / +640211850773
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