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Collen --------- - Tight Head Prop
DOB 27 Years Old
Height 186CM
Weight 128KG
Country Namibia

To play in Europe (I should have easier access to a visa due marriage to EU-citizen).

Available 20th June 2016 onwards. I'm signed with NRU for the Currie Cup Season but will get released for a contract.

Passport Type
Non-EU Passport

Personal Overview
I'm a Namibian tight head prop seeking to play professional rugby. I'm skilled and experienced to also play loose head position when needed. I have a long experience in the Namibian premium league club rugby since 2011 with 70 played games. I was selected in the Namibian national team 2012-2013 and again 2016 and have played 4 tests so far (I should be able to add at least one test to the list after the Nations Rugby Cup). 

I'm currently playing in the South African Currie Cup with the Namibian team Windhoek Draught Welwitchias. It's a professional league all though Namibian team is not on fully professional bases. So far I have played 4 games in the Currie Cup and can already see a big improvement in my strength and conditioning. I'm a strong scrummer and give excellent line-out support. I have great attitude and motivation towards training which makes me a coachable player who is easy to work with. I'm hardworker and keep my focus on my goals - on and off the field.

I have had the love for the sport since a little boy when I started. I'm working hard for my dream to get a professional contract and as I finished my studies last year, I can now focus full on rugby. I have been putting in a lot of extra gym sessions this season to get to my best shape. I was in the National team which traveled recently to Romania and played in the Nations Rugby Cup.

I'm seeking for a contract, preferably in Europe. My wife and daughter are Finnish (EU citizens) therefore I should be able to get a visa fairly easy. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me:
+264 81 356 2949 / [email protected]

Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2016 Windhoek Draught Welwitschias (Currie Cup)
2016 Namibian National Team
2012 Namibian National Team
2011 Trutco United Rugby Club
Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Project Management, 2015, University of the free State, South Africa
Phil Davis, Head coach of the National team of Namibia
Contact: +447710342050

“His lineout support is super and can just grow to the next level if he works hard. His motivation and discipline on and off the field is a big asset in his amour kit to make a successful rugby player in the future. 
Collen’s overall play really developed a lot in the last couple of years and he is a hard working player in the truck.”  

- Coach Jood Opperman, Trustco United Rugby Club, Namibian Premium League
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