The Rugby Agents
Ryan --------- - Wing
DOB 23 Years Old
Height 183CM
Weight 85KG
Country United Kingdom

Semi professional contract or professional 7s opportunity in New Zealand, Australia or japan

Start of 2018

Passport Type
Not Specified

Personal Overview
My best rugby platform is 7s. I enjoy and thrive in open play/expansive rugby. For my stature,I am strong and powerful with solid handling with both feet and hands. On top of this, I have gas and a decent step. I came it to the sport a little later than most, so I feel I have a lot of growing room. Im wiling to learn and work with any coach that is willing invest their time in a keen, aspiring player. 
Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2017 Newport RFC 7s
2017 Maccersfield RFC 2nd XV
2016 Chester 2nd XV
2015 Welsh charitable GB 7s
2015 USW 1st XV
2015 University of South Wales 1XV
2015 Welsh Charitables 7s
2015 Newport RFC
2014 Junior Dragons Academy
2013 Junior Dragons academy
2013 Junior Dragons Rosalyn Park Squad
2013 Dragons U18s
2012 Junior Dragons Rosalyn park squad
Applied Sciences BTec Qualification
Sports Massage Level 3