The Rugby Agents
Josh --------- - Full Back
DOB 26 Years Old
Height 191CM
Weight 98KG
Country France

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Passport Type
Not Specified

Personal Overview
Positions: 15/14/13/11/10

Hard-working, ambitious, driven, coachable, team player, good communicator, focussed at training and game time, will follow orders/gameplan,Love running from depth and counter-attacking,great kicker of the rugby ball.

Key Skills:

- Leader amongst the Backline.
- Effective ball carrier - great footwork running lines, sides step, goose step, off load ability.
- Good counter attacker.
- Text book tackler, tackles low.
- Good kicking game - goal, punt, drop kick..
- Kick off both feet..
- Good pass off both hands.  .
- Read game well, good positional play from 15.
- Great under high ball.
- Excellent ball skills.
Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2017 SCA Pamiers, Federale 2
2016 SCA Pamiers, Federale 3
2015 Limpopo Blue Bulls - Vodacom Cup
2014 UKZN impi - Varsity Cup competition.
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