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Faamanatu --------- - Wing
DOB 24 Years Old
Height 180CM
Weight 90KG
Country Australia

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Personal Overview
Hi my name is Faamanatu(Natu), 23 years of age and currently unemployed. I have been playing rugby since I was age 11 in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, I had my first taste of rep rugby at the age of 12 and I also took out the tournaments Most Valuble Player ever since then I fell in love with the sport. I continued my Dominance through my high school years achieveing honours of playing for 1st XV for 3 years and State Repersentive teams. This year is about thriving to go the distance in my rugby career which is why I truely prioritise it professionally which means looking abroad for any opportunities that come my way.

Proffesional Aspirations and Objectives! Aspire to play rugby at an honors level and have always thrived to achieve the very best of my potential when it comes to playing on the field and the work done off the field trying to enhance my self and the way I play. I always overcome each challenge that is put in front of me and have learnt at a young age to not back down when the obstacles on the field get tough. I never give up and I will always keep working hard to where I want to get to with my rugby career. 

Previous Clubs
Period Club Name
2017 Wanneroo
2016 University of Western Australia
2015 Kalamunda
2009 - Played my first ever premier match at the age of 15 for M.A.C as a starting winger in Hawkes Bay, Nz vs Avalon from Wellington, Nz in a friendly. 

2013 - Contracted to Perth, Western Australia to play for Kalamunda Bulls(club) U-20s on the Wing/Centre, for two years also played a few games for Kalamunda(club) Premier side on the wing. 

2014 - Asked to trial for the U-20s Western Force squad(rep), (couldn't make it due to being sick). 
2014 - Starting winger for Kalamunda Bulls(club) Premier side and took out Most Valuble player at the club.

2015 - Contract renewed by Kalamunda Bulls(club) again starting winger.
2015 - Made history by scoring most tries in one Premier Game (8 tries) vs Perth Bayswater and also took out the most tries in the Premier Grade competion with (22 tries) 
2015 - Played in the National Rugby Championship (NRC) for Perth Spirit on the Wing

2016 - Contract to University of Western Australia(club) starting winger.
2016 - Contract to Wanneroo Rugby Club starting winger/centre also took out best back on the first year.

2017 - Contract renew starting Winger/Centre for Waneroo Rugby Club. 

Koiatu Koiatu(Wanneroo Rugby Coach/Mentor) - 0404905594

Facebook: Natu Apineru
Email: [email protected]

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