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Claudio Forte - Italy

Hi, I'm Claudio Forte a young Italian rugby coach , born in 1982.
I'm looking for an opportunity to do experience in the world like a coach.
I've obtained a III level coach patent 3 years a go.
I've always played in serie A and Serie B Italian championship for Piacenza Rugby, with big opportunity to learn by important coaches as Pieter Muller from South Africa (famous springbok player) , Luciano Monti from Argentina ( SIC Coach) and Claudio Franchiand Achille Bertoncini IV level Italian coaches.
After some years as young players coach with good results , when I have decided to stop to play again, in 2015 I have take an opportunity to try to train like a head coach, a little senior team in serie C.
After the first year with good results like a coach , at the second year I have provided my knowhow also to do a rugby planning for under 14 - 16 - 18 with mine rugby project.
I'm quite young with big ambitions, I want try to look for an opportunity to work like a pro coach and learn by different cultures.
Open to any serious offers.
English and Spanish spoken.
III Level (Italian Federal Coach)
Period Information
2016 Crema Rugby Club -
2016 Crema Rugby Club - Head Coach
2015 Crema Rugby Club - Head Coach 
2014 Piacenza Rugby Club - Under 18 Head Coach
2013 Piacenza Rugby Club - Under 18 Head Coach
2012 Piacenza Rugby Club - Under 16 Head Coach 
2011 Piacenza Rugby Club - Under 14 Coach